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To Vampire the Harvest

Time is Running Out
Image by Nijuuni, commissioned for and character by Saphyremelodies

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow 
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day 
To the last syllable of recorded time…

The Year is 1894, and Gothic Earth has just fallen in Love with Henry S. Miller’s The Cat Came Back. Bicycles are all the rage, and the clothing is to die for. The Sabbat has been quiet since its last strong swing at the Camarilla, and times are deceptively peaceful. A terrifying numia has recently entered into popular mortal domain granting limited mental control. Many Malkavians are finding good reason to leave the medical experimental asylums… or perhaps get more involved within them. Morphine and cocaine are still considered highly curative compounds, and people are starting to re-question that which they don’t understand. Expensive items can cost as much as $20 USD cash, and Vaudeville has swept the stages of the Americas. With the invention of trains overland travel is now a viable option to almost all vampires. All in all, The Age of Spirits has left the masquerade in a curious position of hiding in plain sight.

Whatever alterations have taken to history’s course, this much we know for certain; An unforeseen gathering of doubly damned childer, fangs still wet with sin among sinners, may be the only barrier between the world and the end of times, Gehenna.
These childer will find their threads intertwined with some of the greatest figures of the many histories; kindred, kine, and other, as they travel near and far to unlock the mysterious words of the madman prophet, Benjamin Malthus.

Will their efforts be enough? Pick up your pen, paper, and dice to find out.

Main Page

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