Defensive Knacks

Defensive Knacks represent special equipment, clever devices, subtle nubia, or various fighting styles a character might employ. A character can trade out one of their defensive knacks with a little effort, such as purchasing new equipment, learning a new ritual, or studying a new fighting style.

Dodgy [Passive](Ex): This character knows when to bob, and when to weave.
The Horror gains a +2 bonus to their Defensive Attack Modifier (Dtack).

Energized Vest [Passive](Su): Marvels in the current field of research have lent themselves to highly experimental vests and other garments of protection from specified energies. Then again, some hedge-sorcerers have known of similar protective runes for eons.
Choose Fire, Cold, Electricity, or Acid. Damage of this type is halved when dealt to this character. [Aggravated Damage] from sources of this type is reduced by the Horror’s Attribute Bonus or Half (whichever is less).

Glyde [Active](Su): With a touch of luck, or a divinchian gadget strapped to their back, this Horror can fall with style.
After this defense is activated, the Horror gains [Flight] at half their movement speed for 3 [Rounds].

Humanist [Passive](Ex): Something about this character’s personal philosophy keeps them in touch with their past existence.
The Horror gains a +1 bonus to Humanity Score.

Instant Wall [Active](Su): A dash of psychic influence or a heavy shield can provide a healthy bit of defense to a clever Horror.
After this defense is activated, the Horror creates a physical barrier anywhere in their [Melee Range] this barrier is just large enough to cover the Horror, and may have low visibility through it (such as an eye-slot, or murky clarity). This barrier has HP equal to the 3x(Horror’s Level) plus Unspecified Attribute Modifier (UAM), and remains in place unless moved by the Horror that created it. This Knack cannot be targeted by the Reload combat Maneuver until the barrier is destroyed or dismissed.

Keen Eyes (Ex):Passive This character seems to be more aware of their surroundings than others.
The Horror gains a +2 bonus to their Awareness Score.

Lucky [Passive](Ex): Some characters just get better breaks than others.
The Horror gains a +2 bonus to their Defensive Effect Modifier (Dfect).

Meat Shield [Passive](Ex): This character is well known for being able to take a punch, or stab, or a couple of bullet wounds.
The Horror gains an additional 15 HP per Level.

Mirror Field [Active](Su): Some Horrors know small tidbits of nubia like sorcery, while others might be wearing a curious experimental device.
After this defense is activated, Incoming attacks have a 20% [Miss Chance] against this Horror for 3 [Rounds].

Ned Kelley’s Armor [Passive](Ex):Armor is outdated, expensive and socially chastised, all the better for catching foes off guard!
The Horror reduce any physical damage they suffer by 2x(Horror Level) plus Attribute Bonus, but suffers a -2 to all Social Combat checks. The Horror can choose to temporarily disable this Knack, but activating it requires 3 “Reload” Maneuvers. [Aggravated Damage] or [HP Reduction] is reduced by the Horror’s Level or Half, whichever is less.

Peace-Charm [Passive] [Vampire] (Ex): This character is particularly good at holding themselves together.
This character gains a +2 bonus on Humanity checks to resist Rötschreck and Frenzy.

Pre-cognizant [Active](SLA): The character has an uncanny knack of knowing when and where to apply themselves in order to be successful.
When the character activates this Knack they may roll 4 d20s. The character uses one of these rolls whenever they would roll a d20. Each roll may be used only once. The character may not roll a d20 or reload this knack until they run out of pre-rolled dice.

Skilled (Ex):Passive Through focused training this character is better at a particular skill than others.
The Horror gains a +2 bonus to a single Skill of their choice.

Smoke Screen [Active](SLA): The character may have an arsenal of small powder-packs or a clever device that emits a thick fog.
This Knack functions as the Obscuring Mist spell, with a duration of two [Rounds] as an area of effect spreading to the limits of [Melee] range.
(This knack requires no attack or ability roll and simply functions.)

Tight Lips [Passive](Ex): Grilling this character for information is like getting blood from a stone.
The Horror gains a +4 bonus to their Social Defenses.

Defensive Knacks