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Pull up your resolve, and seize fate by the throat; and it shall certainly never wholly overcome you.

Will describes three three character statistics that a player can use to manipulate the threads of their own story.

Essence: Essence represents a pool of supernatural energy that allows a character to activate any powers they might have.
Each supernatural creature has their own way of refilling their, vampires for example, consume blood to restore their essence.

Fate is the degree of control a character has over their own story, using this pool to alter reality to suit their needs. A character may spend a point of their fate pool to re-roll any check that affects their character.
Fate is difficult to regain, but is often rewarded by GM when a player makes a sub-optimal decision in game related to one of their Virtue and can be lost when falling prey to their Vice.
A character’s Maximum Fate is equal to their Charisma + Weal.

Occasionally referred to as “Humanity” or “Path,” Resolve represents a character’s connection to their former life and their will to continue fighting against the darkness lurking in the shadows rather than being consumed by them. Resolve defines a character’s Ideals.
Resolve can be increased by sub-optimally staying true to their to their Demeanor, but it can be lost when their Bond is damage.
A character’s starting Resolve is equal to their Intuition + Weal.