The Moon

Imagination, Fear, Magic, Manipulation


A Reading
The Moon, mysterious and strange. There is the gateway into the dreaming standing before the Moon, in their path. From there, the possibilities are endless. Though the dreams may seem terrible and frightening, they are simply reflecting on the past, future, and all possibilities there in. However, the Moon must take caution to not lose their grip on reality. The dreamworld is fantastic and can be shaped with naught but fingertips and fancy, but there are harsh truths that they cannot escape no matter what scenery they may paint. The Moon’s greatest obstacle is the kaleidoscope reflection of the former self, shattered and redistributed into a million pieces.
The moon must not loose themself to the overwhelming sense of abysmal oblivion, but must bring dreams to life through arts and creativity. They must seek peace, stillness, and knowledge, but they must also accept that uncertainty is only the basis for innovation.


The Moon

MDCCCXCIV AugustNights