The Hierophant

Authority, Knowledge, Duality, Faith


A Reading
The Hierophant walks a perilous line, indeed. As the tender of the sacred rites, the divine artifacts, and ancient truths the Hierophant can speak of Power, Deception, and Intricate Organization.The Hierophant must prepare for a deep and difficult spiritual journey that will lead through the path of the self the other. The Hierophant’s greatest obstacle is their dedication to alleviating the pain and ignorance of others.
The Hierophant will find themselves reexamining their understanding of the meaning of all things they know and believe countless times before their travels are completed, but they need take care and watch out for hypocrisy, lies, and deceit. But though there are many traps and pitfalls along the road, the walking of the way is what shapes the Hierophant, and sometimes it shapes brutally.


The Hierophant

MDCCCXCIV AugustNights