The Hermit

Obstinence, Reflection, Transcendence, Silence


A Reading
The Hermit card speaks of great insight at the cost of communication. Silence must be sought to gain perspective, but such wisdom is useless if it cannot be shared. As tempting as it is to withdraw completely from the world, The Hermit’s greatest obstacle is the gradual withdrawal from the worlds they have left behind, and from their self.
The Hermit shines light at the threshold of darkness, becoming a doorway between two worlds, where waters of life churn and lessons can be learned in a great many of strange and curious ways. On either side, treasures can be uncovered through contemplation and great monsters may arise. Should the abyss gaze into you, fear not. Perhaps it is merely curious. Enlighten it.


The Hermit

MDCCCXCIV AugustNights