Richard Mansfield

Actor who once played Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Richard Mansfield is an actor-manager best known for his performances in Shakespeare plays, Gilbert and Sullivan operas, and most notoriously for his portrayal of the dual title roles in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of 1888.

One frightened theatre-goer wrote to the police accusing Mansfield of the murders because he could not believe that any actor could make so convincing a stage transformation from a gentleman into a ravenous killer without engaging in “practical mechanical experience”. Since his accusation and continued suspicioun of these crimes, Mansfield has attempted to gain public favor and stem the criticism by offering comedy performances for the benefit of the Suffragan Bishop of London’s home and refuge fund for reformed prostitutes.

Two years ago, Mansfield was married to Beatrice Cameron (Who has kept her last name for stage reasons, a wildly more famous and successful actor, though rumors abound that Mr. Mansfield has turned to drinking and the occasional woman of the night since his wife has grown heavy with child.

Quirks: Compares all experiences to Shakespeare
Quirks: Is a proto-method actor.
Gender/Pronoun: Dashing Man, He/Him.
Orientation: Heteromatic, Heteroflexiblesexual


Richard Mansfield