Vampire the Harvest

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Vampire the Harvest
Vampire the Harvest is an overhaul of White Wolf’s classic World of Darkness with focus on mechanical balance and action oriented play.

Core Mechanic

For almost every action and reaction a character rolls a pool of dice (d10s), usually determined by a combination of an Ability and an Attribute. Each die that results in a 6 or better is considered a success. Tasks generally require one or more successes depending on the difficulty. Some action/reactions are contested, where in the number of success are compared. For every 1 that a player rolls, the player loses a success, potentially reducing a player’s successes down to 0.
If a character rolls no successes at all, and rolls any 1s, the result is a botch. Botches are not only failure, but are often catastrophic failure. (A character who rolls any number of successes but has more 1s than successes does not botch, only if there were no successes in the first place.)

Character Statistics

Merits and Flaws
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Vampire the Harvest