Path of Countermagic

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Path of Countermagic
The secrets of Countermagic are even more jealously guarded by the Tremere than most any other path and ritual of Thaumaturgy itself. Though the techniques of Countermagic are not officially taught outside Clan Tremere, unofficial methods are likely to exist. Any non-Tremere who displays the ability to resist Thaumaturgy quickly becomes the subject of potentially fatal scrutiny from the entirety of clan Tremere.

Circle Power
Counter Rating I powers
•• Counter Rating II powers
••• Counter Rating III powers
•••• Counter Rating IV powers
••••• Counter Rating V powers

System: Unlike other spells, Countermagic doesn’t require a test, though it still requires the use of blood. The use of Countermagic is treated as a free action in combat and does not require a split dice pool. Every level of Countermagic gives a vampire two dice to cancel successes of a blood magic power or ritual. (Or one die to counter true magic, or non-blood related powers that require successes). However, to oppose a power or ritual a character must have a Countermagic rating equal to, or greater than, the rating of that power.

Path of Countermagic