Path of Blood

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Path of Blood
Usually the first path taught to neonates among the Tremere. It encompasses some of the most basic principles of Blood Magic and manipulation of the Vitae.

A Taste For Blood Gather a variety of information from a blood sample
Blood Strike A projectile will strike your victim, and may return with stolen blood
Ravages of the Beast Cause a target to frenzy
•• Blood Rage Force a target to expend their vitae to raise attributes
Purge Nearby enemies will vomit blood, causing damage
Weight of the Sun Make a vampire feel the effects of being awake during the day
••• Blood of Potency Temporarily lower your Generation
Blood Shield A damage-absorbing shield surrounds the caster
Abated Tooth Prevent a vampire’s fangs from extending
•••• Theft of Vitae Steal blood from a target at a distance
Blood Salvo As Blood Strike, but affecting multiple targets
Treacherous Bonds Temporarily corrupt a blood bond
••••• Cauldron of Blood Cause a victim’s blood to burn them from within
Blood Erupt The target’s blood is heated to a boil, causing them to explode, damaging nearby targets
The Withering of Ages Cause a vampire to decay to their true age

• A Taste For Blood
By merely tasting the blood of their subject, the thaumaturge may determine ho much vitae remains in the subject if the subject is a vampire, how recently they have fed, their approximate generation, and with three net successes on the Thaumaturgy test to cast this spell, whether or not they have committed diablarie. Casting this spell requires no action, and thus doesn’t require split dice.

• Blood Strike
By use of manipulation, the thaumaturge draws a small projectile of blood out of a victim they can within 9 meters (30ft). The Victim rolls an Endurance + Fortitude test, each hit negates one of the hits required to cast this spell. If the spell succeeds, the target suffers 1 point of Lethal damage that cannot be soaked, and loses two blood points (if they have them). Roll a single die, if it is a success, the thaumaturge adds these blood points to their blood pool.

• Ravages of the Beast
The thaumaturge can let loose the beast that lurks in the blood of cursed, causing any kindred to contend with their inner demons. If the spell is successful, roll a die.
If it’s a success, the target must make an Couragel check at a -1 dice pool penalty for every two net success from the spell’s casting test, or fly into a Rötschreck.
If the die is a failure, the target must make an Self Control check at a -1 dice pool penalty for every two net success from the spell’s casting test, or fly into a Frenzy.

•• Blood Rage
This power allows a vampire to force another Kindred to expend blood against their will. The victim rolls a Self Control test, opposing the spell test. For each net hit the thaumaturge gains, they may force the target to spend a point of Blood in any way that the thaumaturge chooses (they do not immediately know all the ways the target can spend blood, but they can guess. If they guess wrong, the blood points are not spent).
For the next turn, the target suffers a dice pool penalty to all Self Control tests against Frenzy equal to the number of Blood Points that the thaumaturge forced them to spend.

•• Purge
Similar to Blood Rage, the thaumaturge may force their opponent to vomit blood, whether or not the target is a vampire or not. The victim rolls a Self Control test, opposing the spell test. For each net hit the thaumaturge gains, they may force the target to spend their next action vomiting Blood. This drains the target of a number of Blood points equal to half the net success (round down), and deals lethal damage equal to the net successes, though this damage may be resisted as normal (Armor, naturally doesn’t help).
Note:It should be noted that vomited blood is not suitable for vampire consumption.

•• Weight of the Sun
This blood curse capitalizes on a vampire’s inability to remain awake during the daytime. The victim rolls a Self Control test, opposing the spell test. For each net hit the target feels the lethargy of the Immortal sun for one additional scene.While suffering from this lethargy the target’s maximum dicepool is equal to their Fetters rating.
Characters who have achieved Golcanda are immune to this power.

••• Blood of Potency
The thaumaturge gains such control over their own blood that they may effectively “concentrated” it, making it more powerful. Three success allow the thaumaturge to reduce their generation by one step for an hour, each success beyond the first three allow the thaumaturge to either reduce their effective generation by one additional step, or increase the duration by one hour (their choice).
Notes:Mortals embraced while this power is in effect are of a generation one step lower than the thaumaturge’s normal generation. Once this power wears off, they lose any additional Blood Points beyond their Maximum if they have them.

••• Blood of Shield
A damage-absorbing shield surrounds the caster, fueled by the caster’s own blood, spiraling around the caster’s body like defensive shell. The point of blood used to cast this spell creates a shield with one blood point. This shield lasts for the duration of the scene or until it runs out of blood points. Any time the character is struck, they may spend one point from the shield to negate two points of bashing or lethal damage.
For each success in the casting of the spell beyond three required to cast it, the caster may choose to put an additional blood point in the shield.
One point of aggravated damage can be negated by two blood shield blood points.

••• Abated Tooth
When kindred feed, they usually extend their fangs to more easily pierce their victim’s flesh, how terrible would it be if those instrumental fangs were suddenly blunt and useless. The victim rolls a Endurance + Fortitude test, opposing the spell test. Each net hit on the spell test dulls the fangs of the target for an additional night. While afflicted with this power, the target cannot use the Bite close combat maneuver, and their Kiss ceases to cause ecstasy, instead becoming a “normal” bite.

•••• Theft of Vitae
This spell allows the thaumaturge to magically siphon blood form a subject they can see at a distance of up to 30 meters (100ft). If the spell succeeds, the target loses one blood point plus an additional blood point for every success. This effect is almost identical to drinking blood with the Kiss, and often inspires the same euphoric effect in mortals. However, it is fantastic to behold, and can be a breach of the masquerade.

•••• Blood Salvo
This allows the caster to target two separate individuals with one instance of Blood Strike each. For each success the thaumaturge may target an additional target. No single target can be hit with more than one instance of Blood Spike from a single Blood Salvo. The thaumaturge only rolls one spell test for Blood Salvo and all of the instances of Blood Strike.

•••• Treacherous Bonds
When a vampire’s blood is consumed by another, that target becomes enthralled to the vampire through a blood bond. With this spell, a thaumaturge can warp that bond into something malevolent. The vampire must touch their intended subject for this power to take effect. The victim rolls a Self Control test, opposing the spell test.
If the target is a thrall, only their bond to their reagant is corrupt, consumed by hated for as many nights as net successes.
If the target is a reagent, the nights of corruption may be distributed to the reagents’ thralls as the vampire chooses, however the thaumaturge must know of the thralls in order to make specific choices, otherwise they only learn of how many thralls the reagent posses.

••••• Cauldron of Blood
A thaumaturge using this power boils their target’s blood in their veins like water on a stove. The thaumaturge must touch their target and this power is almost immediately fatal to mortals. The victim loses five blood point and suffers 3 points of aggravated damage which may only be soaked by Fortitude. For each additional success beyond the five required to cast this spell, the target loses another blood point and suffers another point of aggravated damage.

••••• Blood Erupt
A thaumaturge using this power quickly brings to a boil their target’s blood in a haphazard fashion. The victim suffers lethal damage equal to the successful hits on the spell test, and can resist this damage as normal. If this spell Incapacitates or kills its target, the target bursts with boiling blood, damaging any viable targets within 5 meters (16ft) with the same damage.

••••• The Withering of Ages
The immortal power of a vampire’s blood normally keeps them from aging. After the thaumaturge makes physical contact with their target to cast this spell, the victim rolls a Fate + 1/2 Fetters test, opposing the spell test. If the spell test has any net successes, the victim begins to grow physically older until they fully resemble their true age. A character will lose one point from each Physical Attribute per 0 years of aging, to a minimum of 0. A vampire who’s physical scores sink to 0 are so enfeebled that they must have help moving, feeding, and can barely be heard or understood. This effect lasts for one night, after which they rapidly shed their physical years and are restored to full potency of their vampire blood and return to their normal appearance.
The target may restore themself by spending five blood points and one Fate point, though this must be done on the same turn that they become afflicted,

Path of Blood