Merits and Flaws

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Merit BP Cost Requirements Description
Absurd Source 5pt - The character chooses a non-common power (Discipline, single Arcana Sphere, Transfusion, etc) that is uniquely tied to anAttribute. The character selects a new Attribute of the same any type and may use that Attribute instead of the standard one for activating their power.
Alternative Affinity 5pt - Choose a supernatural purview outside of your own: you are not only welcomed within that realm, you are often considered an unofficial ally of a group within that purview.
Ambidextrous 3pt - The vampire doesn’t suffer a -2 penalty to Dice Pools to make tests with their non-dominant hand. In addition when attacking with two different weapons, the vampire gains a further +2 bonus to their split Dice Pool.
Animal Affinity 3pt - Animals treat the character as if they were any other mortal, and do not necessarily fear threatened by the presence of the character.
Attuned Taste 3pt Vampire When drinking blood, learn a great deal of knowledge about the individual it was taken from. The vampire gains a mental image of the appearance of whoever gave the blood, and may learn any one interesting detail about the donor for each success on a Intuition + Investigation test. Details can include, Name, Supernatural Purview, any archetype, attribute, ability, ideal, one of their powers, any diseases or poisons, or what they’ve been eating.
Cannibal 2pt - May regain 1/5 of a creature’s blood pool (minimum 1) in Essence by eating the body of the creature. (This is looked upon as a Fuax Pas by most)
Efficient Essence 3pt - Any time the character recovers three points of Essence, they gain one additional point.
Former Ghoul 5pt Vampire Choose a Common Discipline (typically Potence) this is considered an In Clan discipline for you. Gain a +1 Dice Pool bonus on all Social rolls when in the presence of other neonates (particularly those who haven’t been educated by their sires), and on all rolls relating to vampiric knowledge.
Blessed 9pt - The chips are never down. Dice are successes on a 5-up, opposed to 6-up
Creed 3pt - The character gains a second virtue, and may regain Fate through either.
Curios Anatomy 5pt - Called shots an additional -2 Dice Pool penalty penalty against this character.
Dare Devil 1pt - When attempting foolish or unnecessarily dangerous tasks the character receives an additional die to their task.
Deceptive Aura 5pt - Choose on trait about the character’s aura is hidden and cannot be detected (this cannot be the diablarie streak). This trait can be changed with an hour’s meditation.
Eidetic Memory 3pt - Character can accurately recall any sight or sound with a successful Intuition + Awareness roll. Amount of successes indicate precisely how much they remember. One success is enough to remember basic details, whereas a 5 is enough to mentally recreate the entirety of the scene in full detail.
Fencer 5pt - The character gains +2 bonus to Melee tests with Swords (including sword, greatsword, rapier, and saber). When parrying against a melee attack, the character may deal damage against the opponent as if the opponent were making an unarmed attack. Further, the Fencer may ready a sword as a Reflexive action with no test.
Foul Essence 3pt - Choose a supernatural type such as Vampires or Wraiths. These creatures find your essence repulsive to garnish, and must succeed on a Self-Control check opposed by the character’s Weal + Endurance test to garnish each point after the first. This quality may be taken more than once, each time for a different supernatural type.
Guardian 5pt - Character has a mysterious guardian looking out for them
Grit 5pt - The character gains an additional die to their dice pool whenever making an Ideal test.
Hardened 7pt - Halve all wound penalties
Haberdashing 5pt Vampire, Promethian Loss of head does not lead to final death for a character or even unconsciousness. While their head is removed, they do suffer a -2 dice pool penalty to all physical actions.
indomitable 3pt - Choose an ideal, the character gains an additional die to their dice pool whenever making tests involving that ideal.
Martial Artist 5pt - Character may deal lethal damage with punches, kicks, and the like, and Parry attempts against their unarmed strikes cannot automatically deal damage. The character gains +2 bonus to Unarmed strikes (including claw attacks, bite attacks, punches, kicks and the like). The character may make an automatic clinch attempt after successfully making an unarmed strike if they accept a -2 Dice Pool penalty to the initial unarmed strike.
Light Sleeper 3pt - Character rouses easily, and suffers no penalty to Perception tests to awaken while sleeping. Vampires with this quality suffer no penalties to actions taken during the day.
Lizard Limbs 3pt - Character can spend a point of Essence as a free action to immediately regrow a lost limb.
Nuanced 3pt - The character gains a second Demeanor, and may regain Resolve through either.
Powerful Build 4pt - Character gains an additional health level and gains an additional die to tests that involve picking up, knocking down, pushing, or forcing open objects or people, the also gain an additional die to resist these effects them self
Potent Blood 9pt Vampire Decreases the character’s generation by 1, effectively making them more powerful.
Ride the Rage 5pt - When the character must make a Self-Control check against Frenzy or the like, they may choose to fail save in order to fly into a semi-controlled frenzy. Each round they may make said Self-Control check to control their actions that turn, at the end of their turn they lose this control and must save again.
Special Source 5pt - The character chooses a non-common power (Discipline, single Arcana Sphere, Transfusion, etc) that is uniquely tied to anAttribute. The character selects a new Attribute of the same type (Physicalities, Faculties, Quirks) may use that Attribute instead of the standard one for activating their power.
Talented 4pt - You may have up to 2 specializations in any Ability or Attribute
Time Sense 1pt - Character has an innate sense of time and can tell time with a good deal of accuracy.
Warm Blooded 3pt Vampire Character can comfortably consume food, drink, and tobacco without suffering any of the ill-effects of doing so as a vampire. They gain no nourishment, nor can they become drunk or the like, but they can enjoy the tastes and textures as human might.


Flaw BP Gain Requirements Description
Amnesia 5pt - Character doesn’t recall their past, and suffers from up to 4pts of flaws that they are not aware of (GM chooses).
Cursed 7pt - The character’s luck always seems to run out. Dice are successes on a 7-up, opposed to 6-up
Debauched 1pt - The character suffers from an additional vice from which they can lose Fate
Entangled 1pt - The character suffers from an additional bond from which they can lose Resolve
Glasses 1pt - The character requires thick glasses, without them, the player suffers a -4 penalty to all visual based dice-pools.
Glass Bones 5pt - The first point of damage you suffer puts you at -2 Wounds penalty, which stacks with all other normal wound penalties
Hunted 3pt - Character is plagued by a mysterious figure looking to get them
Inability 3pt - Choose an ability, the character may not roll tests that require that ability, and automatically fail. If Artisan, Career, Linguistics, Occult, or Performance is selected, the character cannot pass tests using any variation of that particular ability
Infectious Bite 3pt Vampire The character cannot lick healed their vampire bite, and has a one in five chance of leaving their victim in a lethal fever from a horrible infection.
Irresolute 4pt - Choose an ideals, the character may not add the associated Attribute to dicepools for that ideal.
Monstrosity 3pt - Something glaring about the character gives away their supernatural status, be it horns, blazing eyes, a prevalent tail, vestigial wings, odd skin texture or pigmentation, razor teeth, or the like. The character is very likely to break the masquerade, and suffers a -2 dicepool penalty when engaging with non-supernaturals, who try their hardest to immediately forget these impossible traits.
Nightmares 3pt - Nightmares plague the character, every time they rest to recover? Roll a single die, if the result is a 1, the character wastes all their time in fitful nightmare and doesn’t recover.
Occult Delusion 1pt - Character is unaware of their supernatural type (Lose the natural +1 success to knowledge occult tests of one’s own division)
Permanent Wound 3pt - The character has one less health level.
Phobia 1pt - Character is frightened of a specific broad and common fear, and must roll courage to engage or approach the subject of their phobia. If Phobia is already has a fear effect the character suffers a -2 dice pool penalty to resist the fear effect.
Slow 1pt - Character’s movement speed is reduced by half.
Slow Healer 5pt - Character finds recovery particularly difficult. A character divides all Wound recovery by 2, and rounds down.
Vermin Infested, 3pt [Vampire/Promethean] Destructive foul vermin inhabit the characters body, if overly agitated they may attack allies. The character may control these vermin if they spend the appropriate backgrounds to do so.

Merits and Flaws