Clan Salubri

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Well of course it’s a dead clan. We’re all dead clans! When’s the last time you saw the first vampire of your blood line? What you don’t interact with, or see, isn’t there, and thus not living. No, no, no, that’s right. We are all not living! We hid among the mortals, and they hide among us! ~ Nicktu Malkavian Scholar.

‘The year was 713, the world was on fire, and we were hungry. So we, the youth, made a deal with some hedge-witches. We needed food and sanctuary, beside we thought our master could easily burn these half-witted ’alchemists’ in their own fires. How little we learned from Judas.’ ~Salubri Annotation in a History Book

Clan Salubri
Rare throughout history, in the year 1894, the Salubri are barely even thought of, let alone seen. Composed of no less than seven vampires, the Salubri carve out a life of survival, plotting their revenge against the usurpers, Clan Tremere. Those that know of Salubri often hope they never encounter one.
Early History

The Salubri are the childer of Saulot, the only known 2nd generation vampire to be killed. Saulot was favored by Caine, for his bravery and zeal, but their penchant for violence and thrill seeking often got him in trouble. Saulot believed that with enough training and power a vampire could overcome their petty curses and fears placed upon them by the angels. Saulot spent much of his days in search of what he called the Kindred of Able, though most believe this to be a rumor or a wild goose chase. Saulot sired few warriors, as that he only ever wished to sire the brave, and felt few mortals were truly worthy of his gift.

Sometime in the era of the Second City, Saulot and his childer Samiel fell out. Samiel claimed that the vampires could overcome more than just their fears and weaknesses, but also their moral weaknesses and addiction to murder. Saulot wanted nothing to do with this, and exiled Samiel into the east. A blessing in disguise, Samiel eventually returned, as a silent pilgrim, bearing a third eye, and new insight into the vampiric condition; Samiel’s beast was quieted and he described his new condition as being in Golconda, named for the town where he finally achieved inner peace. Samiel started a bloodline long since forgotten known as the Dharmapali, who are known for their third eye, and their mastery of a Discipline known as Obeah.

Though Samiel’s return overjoyed many of Saulot’s childer, and even some other hopeful vampires, it was quickly forgotten when a hitherto unknown line of vampiric demon worshippers, the Baali, attacked the Second City. Saulot, viewed the Baali as an a weak clan dependent on outside sources for their source of power, and lead a very active retaliation on them with his fearless and thrill-seeking childer. Samiel, once again differing from his master, took to pacifism in this fight, though his services as a healer were offered to those that would look for it. Even to today, Salubri vampires have a deep-seated and instinctual clan hatred for the Baali, and will attack them given a chance.

Dark Ages
The Salubri were always rare. Saulot himself found the Dark Ages to be unappealing and unfriendly to his fierce and monstrous nature. He went into hiding sometime around the 1st century and only rarely resurfaced. His childer found themselves taking to hiding more and more, and found discreet hunting to be far more effective. They still didn't embrace many childer, saving the gift for the courageous and bold, as always.

All of this changed in 1133, when the mage Tremere made a deal with some Salubri childer and struck a deal with them. This deal was a sham, and soon the cult of mages had uncovered and cannibalized Saulot himself in a ritual to ascertain immortality. The act, unheard of, was a desperate attempt by the Hermetic Mage and cult leader, Tremere, to obtain a key to immortality. This monstrous act was terrifying to the rest of the vampire clans, but there are rumors that certain leaders in various clans (particularly the Venture clan) may have organized the attack in order to end the advantage of the daywalkers. Tremere and his Kindred were almost instantly granted legitimacy within vampire circles, however it was always known that they came to be through the loathed act of diablerie. Tremere make it a point to snuff out any Saulbri they run into, and keep a vicious propaganda campaign running to remind other vampires of the boars.

In less than a century, the Salubri were no longer the brave and fearless warriors, but now feared vampire-hunting horrors. No amazing feat, the Tremere campaign moved almost too smoothly, as if another hand was behind it. The Tremere coupled propaganda with terror; Tremere himself went into torpor shortly after siring several childer, his Council of Seven. This council wished to boost their own power, and sought to do so by diablerizing any Salubri or Dharmapali methuselahs they could find. This continued throughout the 12th century, ending with the capture and diablerie of Mokur by Etrius. Mokur’s death meant the death of the last of the known Salubri elders, and the clan slowly withered on the vine.

Islamic Salubri, known as Al-Amin, were no less lucky than their European counterparts. For centuries, they maintained a war with the Baali from North Africa to Asia, usually disguising themselves as members of other clans. When Saulot was diablorized, the Assamites, who were Al-Amin allies, worked to smuggle as many Salubri out of the reach of the Tremere as possible. How successful this effort is debatable, as many were killed anyway helping others or in fights with the Baali.


In the 19th century, the Salubri have all but died out, with only seven active (as well as a few hidden ones). The main clan is now exceeded by bloodlines, including the Dharmapali. The Salubri, if they are known at all, are reviled for their strange and frightening day-walking powers, and horrific crimes against kindred-kind. An odd order of Knights exist, known as childer of Adonai. These warriors are consumed by the need for vengeance, and are creatures of rage, dubbed Furies by the Sabbat, which occasionally works in unison with them. They are honorable creatures of a type, but bitter knights driven to destroy the Tremere and seek vengeance for their founder’s destruction.

Any remaining kindred of the Clan Slubri are a rare sight, and most like to keep it that way. Vampires who actually recall what the Salubri were like usually don’t have much to say about them. If this from fear or from basking in one clan less to worry about, no one knows. Some become enraged and only sputter on how the Tremere have ruined things for everyone. Elders will occasionally use the clan name when discussing bold or stupidly brave actions. Rumors occasionally float around about them having some strange blood-curse that made them prefer more exotic foods, still others say that they spat in the face of the Red-Fear, and jumped headlong into that which would consume them.

In truth Salubri spend their time hunting either which generally hunts vampires, or that which has wronged them in the past. Most become addicted to Lycanthrope blood, while others prefer the bubbling eldritch taste of the Fairy, some even braver still have become Arcane Junkies. The maddest among them hunt Tremere or Baali, during the day, in the sun. Their Fortitude discipline allows them to shake off the damage of their blood curse relatively easy, however they have never been able to resist the damage that Silver inflicts on them.

Clan Salubri
Clan Information

Nicknames: Mage-Bait, Day Walkers, Boars

Appearance: Salubri are very hard to notice as that their skin is less pale than other vampires and they never were much for selecting specific phenotypes. Most wear practical ‘hunting’ clothing, and prefer not to have loose bits dangling off.

Havens: Salubri are as Nomadic as the Clan Ravnos, and rarely set down to rest, though if they do, they are sure to choose a Haven that is, not terribly noticeable. They seem to prefer places like an inn room, a recently murdered person’s attic, and other places that won’t be checked until the next day at least.

Clan Disciplines: Brazen, Potenence, Fortitude

Clan Weakness: Salubri are addicted to a particular type of dangerous blood (Werewolf, Hunter, Mage, Vampire, and so on), and must drink of it once a month, or suffer a -1 to all their dice pools until they have consumed it. This dice pool penalty increases each month they go without consuming their favored blood. Once this addiction is sated the penalty is removed.
Further, Clan Salubri take one point of unresisted aggravated damage when they come in contact with silver. The Damage that silver weapons do is still the normal type of damage, but the vampire takes an additional aggravated point of damage each time struck.

Clan Opinions
From the inside out
Assamite What happens when the hunter hunt’s the other hunter? Both hunters die.
Brujah So strong. Terrible waste to be so loud.
Settites Snakes? Quaint. That should scare a few mortals.
Gangrel Beast kills Plant. Kine kills Beast. Kindred kills Kine. Pity. So close.
Giovanni They go too far on only one path. We’re dead. We get it.
Lasombra Puppet Masters only hold the strings to puppets.Don’t be a puppet.
Malkavian There’s fearlessness, and then there is madness. Which is better?
Nosferatu Rats in holes. Don’t Trust them. Don’t trust anyone.
Ravnos Resources and Information, at a price. Keep both hands on you weapon, purse, and soul.
Toreador The way they snipe and attack one another you’d think they’d be more active.
Tremere I don’t want to talk about it.
Tzimisce You’ve gazed too long into the abyss my old friends.
Venture A life of rich idolatry is still idolatry.
True Brujah Wait, What?
Old Tzimisce So the young weaklings got the better of you. Sounds familiar.
Nagajarta That doesn’t seem right.
Baali There is only one thing I like killing more than these bastards.
From the outside in
Assamite The blood of former allies is too sweet to be resisted. Yet, they know no fear.
Brujah From what I hear, they packed a pair of brass ones.
Settites Fearless. Yes. Confident. Yes. Cocky. Yes. Annihilated by mortals. Also true.
Gangrel They’re dead. So what?
Giovanni Ah, memories. Great stories, but they can be such boors.
Lasombra Thank the Seven Gates of all the Hells they aren’t around.
Malkavian Tremere learned to cast that little bloodstain before the Assamite. Somewhere sunny.
Nosferatu They got what they had coming to ’em. Should have seen it a mile coming.
Ravnos A fool and their blood are soon parted.
Toreador They say the sun-rise is the most beautiful way to die.
Tremere Mistakes were made, penances were paid, and we should move on with our unlives.
Tzimisce Out with the old, in with the idiots.
Venture I’m sure we all wish that Salubri were still around. Now if you’ll excuse me.
True Brujah Oh, they died? Really? When?
Old Tzimisce So they have passed on? Tragic.
Baali Good riddance to bad rubbish!
Notes from the desk of GM
Clan Salubri’s Changes
These rules contain certain anachronisms according to canonical WoD. This is not the Salubri of this setting.

The change in Clan Salubri’s history is rather extensive, and carries a few major implications.

Golcanda was not discovered by Saulot himself, but rather by Samiel, Saulot’s direct descendent. Samiel left into the east, and learned the path of Golcanda there. Samiel had fallen out with Saulot over the embrace of the beast, claiming there was more than the fears that could be overcome.

When the Baali did attack the second city, it was indeed the entirety of the Salubri clan that rose up against them, being the most ferocious and fearless of warriors, their duty in the fight was obvious.

The Tremere clan came to be when a Hermetic mage cult captured Saulot, and cannibalized him in 1013.

Clan Salubri