Common Knowledge Anachronisms

8000 BC Soulot was supposedly embraced this year. His legacy is more or less common knowledge.

737 AD The infamous "Bridge Battle" takes place in Eastern Europe between the forces of two great Magi. The battle is long, bloody, and many supernaturals die within it. Higher Mage Gesar of the Light calls for a peace treaty with Higher Mage Zabulon of the Dark.

756 AD The foundation of Valachia was established in Avar Khaganate. Valachia is still a small city-state that is divided among various religions and ideals, that would slowly begin to blend over time.

850 AD Valachian knights entered into the Baghdad conflict as mercenaries. History books sing their praises as as great and noble knights, despite their monetary investments.

973 AD Wilhelm Bernhard, of the Bernhard Family, returned from successful campaign in what would become Iran. His stories of the Bram Fortification filled his son, Alexander Bernhard, with wonder. Wilhelm Bernhard is given the tittle of count within Valachia, a noble rank his family would continue to uphold until their last member died off.

983 AD Alexander Bernhard returned home from war.

986 AD Wilhelm Bernhard died, and Alexander Bernhard returned again from war, this time from a very difficult campaign that ruined his family's wealth. Nevertheless his family's name retained its value.

993 AD Alexander was largely unavailable as he was constantly at study, working on understanding what some believe to be heretical artifacts garnered in his crusades.

997 AD Despite his family's lack of wealth, Alexander Bernhard began the construction of a large fortified home for his family. Where Alexander Bernhard gained the means to construct such a building have been lost to history.

1001 AD Walter Bernhard is born to Alexander Bernhard.

1008 AD The Bernhard Keep was completed in the same year as the Bernhard Family's wealth was re-established, allowing the family to take their place as upper class nobility once again. Though the castle's construction is modest when compared with future developments, it was a marvel in its time. It is said that no garden will ever surpass the beauty of the Bernhard Maze Arboretum. Three days after the Castle's completion Alexander Bernhard died of heart failure. Arwin Bernhard, cousin to the young Walter Bernhard, gained regency over the Castle.

1010 AD Arwin began to drive the Bernhard estate into the ground. Though he managed to upkeep the appearance of wealth and beauty of the castle, he was incapable of managing finances with any sort of proficiency. In a desperate urge to keep the family's wealth afloat he sold many of his uncle's books and artifacts.

1012 AD Rumors of the occult began to circulate regarding the Bernhard castle. Most say the old castle was haunted by the spirit of the restless Alexander Bernhard, furious at Arwin's failures. Walter Bernhard, son of Alexander denied all such rumors.

1013 AD Carmilla Bernhard went to visit her family's castle and was inspired by it's beauty. She spent most of her days wandering through the Bernhard Maze Arboretum. Rumors of her madness, a state driven into her by the beauty of the castle gardens, were hastily covered. Rumors indicate that Carmilla attempted to seduce, woo, or intimidate her own brother, Arwin Bernhard, into giving her the castle. Whether this is true or not, the castle remained firmly in Arwin Bernhard's possession. Further rumors circulated of a nefarious affair between Carmilla and young Walter.

1015 AD Walter Bernhard took leadership of his family's castle. Shortly after the family lost most all of its wealth, and Arwin Bernhard was jailed within the castle for his cowardice and failure.

1021 AD Walter Bernhard sold his estate (much to Carmilla's fury) to the strange traveler named Fredrich Polidori. Walter Bernhard set out to see if he could re-establish his family's wealth in the crusades once again. Polidori had purchased many of Alexander's books from Arwin, and was eager to gain access to the old castle.

1023 AD Carmilla attempted, failingly, to convince Fredrich Polidori to give over the castle she once loved. Furious Carmilla promised to return retribution upon traveler. Upon leaving, Carmilla was never heard of again. Fredrich Polidori closed the doors to his castle, and they are never opened again. Any further information regarding the Bernhard Castle now seems impossible to find, even ruins of the former building cannot be found.

1067 AD Rumors circulated that Walter Bernhard was overtaken by a horrible disease while he was seeking mercenary work in the crusades.

1075 AD A mysterious dark mist began to cover what would become known as the Forest of Eternal Darkness. Foul monsters, horrible plagues, and hard times befall the outlying cities. Valachia becomes a strange place filled with peril and confusion.

1077 AD Felix Bernhard, the last living descendant of the Bernhard family, was burned at the stake for the practice of witchcraft. Rumors circulated of Walter Bernhard's angry ghost feasting upon the flesh of those that assaulted his family. Some rumors also pointed out the Bernhard family's red-hair was indicative of a direct lineage back to Judas or Cain.

1094 AD Leon Belmont, cleared the Forest of Eternal darkness for a brief period. His family swore to fight back against the darkest creatures of the night.

1393 AD A young warrior tyrant named Vlad terrorized the people of Valachia.

1431 AD The tyrant, Vlad, took on the title "Tepes," meaning "The Impaler." It is uncertain whether this Vlad is the son of the Vlad documented in 1393. People of Valachia began to call the castle in which Vlad Tepes lived "Castle Dracula" as that they believed that the castle itself was a demon of some sort.

1433 AD Vlad Tepes, Count of Dracula, encountered a woman of stunning beauty and simple kindness. The tyrants rein was eased during the following five years. What occurred in that time, or what caused the sudden change is still unknown.

1476 AD A fringe group of Kabalist warriors known as [[Lochem Samuel|"Samuel's Chosen"] formed a small company designated to slay the current Count of Dracula, and were quite successful. There were rumors that the company was aided by the heir of the then current Count of Dracula for unknown motives.

1479 AD A man named Saint Germain predicts the many returns of the Dracula to this world. His prophesy is seen as metaphor for the ever present threat of tyrants in all governments and societies.

1565 AD The Bartly Family took over the ruins of what was known as Castle Dracula, and set about restoring it with vigor.

1591 AD Rumors hold that Christopher Belmont, of the Belmont Family, disgraced his lineage, and, through impassioned madness, slew his own son. Christopher had accused his child of being a vampire, and punctured the boy's heart with a silver-tipped crossbow bolt. Christopher Belmont was banished from the lands of Valachia for his filicide. Other members of the Belmont family struggle between upholding their family's sworn duty of slaying the foulest creatures of the night, and maintaining their former honor.

1715 AD Johann Conrad Dippel, a descendant of Fredrich Polidori, purchased Castle Frankenstein, and adopted the pseudonym Victor in order to avoid persecution for previous actions of heresy. While circulating between many pseudonym combinations, Dippel begins working on projects that are considered ghastly and ghoulish.

1725 AD Victor Dippel, born Johann Conrad Dippel, of Frankenstein Castle is found dead in the North Atlantic Sea by Captain Walton. Captain Walton's recounting of the tale seems unreliable and contains images of a monstrous demon of some sort. Walton is dismissed as a drunk.

1732 AD A long string of London murders begin. Ol' Flicker is blamed for the six deaths in 1732.

1745 AD Six children go missing, allegedly dead, in London. Der Butzemann, or "The Sackman" is accused by local story-spinners.

1747 AD Robert Rogers, the soldier, is rumored to have grown in military excellency through dark sorcery. A [[Roger's Ledger|book]] detailing the events is later published and discredited.

1758 AD Though a break in the official string of serial-murders, or unlikely deaths, an entity known as Ole Lukøje plagues the dreams of over fifty Danish Descendents in London.

1759 AD In Vermont, Rogers' Rangers were forced to retreat between Lake Memphremagog and the Miskatonic River. After regrouping, he lead the rangers into a catastrophic, yet inconsequential victory. Rumors of his victory involving dangerous thaumaturgical rituals are later discredited.

1771 AD Wild hounds maul several farmers in burgs around London, though 6 officially died upon assault, several died afterwards due to severe wounds. Some historians note the 13 year gap between this and the Nightmare incident of 1758, though in both instances more than 6 were afflicted.

1784 AD 6 soldiers are found with arms violently removed and claw marks on 6 consecutive nights. Local papers accuse a Grendylow for the assaults, the offending creature is not found. Rumors have it that this is the mother of ancient story creature Grendle. (Specialists point out that Grendle's mother was slain in the very story in which Grendle is introduced.)

1793 AD Arkham is formed as a settlement in Orleans County, Vermont. It is between Lake Memphremagog and the Miskatonic River.

1797 AD 6 travelers go missing inside the limits of London, rumors spread of a bright light luring wanders to a fiery demise. Several piles of Ashes found in London parks, some surmised to be human remains.

1803 AD Miskatonic University is founded in Arkham, Vermont. It is a predominantly female education facility, with The University of Bologna, Itally, is established as its sister-school. A statue of Laura Bassi as one of it's main monuments. Lady Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and Mary Byron, "niece" of Percy Byron, is the first female professor in the United States, educating in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

1810 AD Several Irish Hunters living in London begin speaking of a Dulachán hunting them down as revenge for a large Hart-stag slain in vein. All seven seem repentant, but only a young man named Doyle seems to survive. Doyle takes up a life of vegetarianism and alcohol after witnessing all six of his friends beheaded.

1816 AD Part of the former town of Salem, is annexed to what is known as Arkham town. Miskatonic opens up a new and Improved campus on this territory 1818 AD An obscure gothic novel is produced titled The Modern Prometheus, however its publishing facility undergoes an unprecedented series of accidents, and the novel fails to gain much fame.

1823 AD Six bearded men are slain in six barber shops, where the owners all have alibis and several witnesses seeing the shop being locked up before the murders occurred. The bearded men were cleanly shaved, and killed by a figure soon to be known as Todd Sweeney. A penny-dreadful is printed recounting the tales in a more dramatic light.

1836 AD A rogue and thief grows to large as he accidentally slays 6 in botched robberies, moving from Robin-hood like figure to dark slayer, the thief known as Spring Heeled Jack is still at large. Henry of Waterford is investigated, but is not contained nor prosecuted for the crimes.

1849 AD Locals claim a dark spirit of the long dead Margaret of Anjou takes her revenge on the Church of England. Several high ranking members of the Church of England are found brutalized and dead with Crosses & Roses carved into their flesh. Most shocking of all the deaths is Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, who may or may not have been killed in a similar fashion. Her death was quickly covered, and called a strike of "God." Some Locals pick up rosary beads to ward off Black Maggie.

1852 AD Lady Ada Lovelace undergoes surgery for uterine cancer. Her recovery is unstable, but successful. With what little life she has left she dismisses all of her estates to her three children and begins a brief life of travel. Her death is unrecorded, and she is reported missing within a month of beginning her explorations.

1862 AD Prominent Catholic families are found dead in massive deaths. Deaths are attributed to profound bleeding from eyes and ears. Victims seem to have horror in their faces in the places where they lie, with little signs of struggle. Many rosaries are tossed aside as "Shrieking Adel," a bean nighe (or banshee) ghost of the recently dead Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen.

1863 Arkham gains a railroad.

1875 AD Seven suicides occur on seven consecutive nights, ending with the death of Edward Mordrake, popularized for his parasitic-twin sister that lived on the back of his head. Edward was a troubled young man, and many people believe his sister was a tormented spirit from hell there to push people to suicides, she is commonly called Edys Mordrake. Though suicides, some historians note this as one of the instances of stringed deaths in London.

1886 AD Nikola Tesla becomes a company owner of Edison Machine Works, as an agreement in exchange for his redesigning the Edison Company's direct current generators. This is an acceptable consolation prize for the fifty thousand dollars he was offered for the project.

1888 AD Webster Company Publishing House (owned by Samuel Clemens, and operated by his Nephew, Charles Webster) consolidates with the Tesla Edison University, and deftly avoids bankruptcy.

1888 AD A series of 6 murders occur in Whitechapel. These murders are attributed to a mysterious murderer known as "Bloody Jack," and on rare occasions "Jack the Ripper." The victims are found with lacking certain organs. All 6 murders appear to be of young women .

1889 AD Tesla Edison University begins operations in Portland, Maine. Samuel Clemens teaches several classes, and offers unofficial lectures at his leisure. A bitter rivalry between TEU and Miskatonic ignites almost immediately.

1890 AD The following patents are declared from the TEU; Rasterisation Screen, GÅ‚owacki Type-Writer

1891 AD The following patents are declared from the TEU; Analog Calculations & Comunications Device

1892 AD The Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-dispersive Energy through the Natural Media is published by Tesla Edison Publishing house several years early. Rumors of Nikola's work on a secret government project known as a "Peace Ray" surface at this time.

1892 AD The following patents are declared from the TEU; The Electric Piano, The Electric Violin, The Electric All Percussion, The Electric Armonica, The Electric Scribe

1892 AD Steam Carbine is invented. However, the ownership of the patent for this device is disputed by TEU, the owner of the patent is successfully sued for over 70 thousand dollars. Nevertheless the owner's invention paves the way to their financial excellence.

1893 AD Poems by Francis Thompson, is published in London, England. The book is so terribly popular that Tesla-Edison Publishing House picks up a second edition of the book. Thompson, a former vagrant addicted to Opium, sky-rockets through the social caste in London. His demeanor and posture allow his social status to rise with his wealth. He is acclaimed as a "natural" upper-class citizen, and is cited as how class will naturally rise to the top of the barrel.

1893 AD Tesla Edison University is accepted into the IVY league as the 9th school to receive such an honor.

1893 AD The following patents are declared from the TEU * Lincoln’s Conference Room * Electric Ornathopter * Luppis Automata or 'Clank'

1894 AD The second publication of The Unknown World contains a curious prophesy that appears to be written in a undecipherable code by one B. Malthus.