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Now, if I did this right, all we’ll need to do is sit back and watch. Hopefully.

All creatures have abilities, but none so much as humans and their ilk. Abilities represent applied knowledges, trained physical patterns, and areas of personal expertise. Like Attributes, most normal people have ability scores between 0 (unfamiliar) and 3 (good), though exceptionally gifted individuals may have scores of 4 (excellent) or even 5 (peak human capacity). There is the occasional hearsay of particular individuals with even higher scores.

Abilities are divided into three categories: Talents, Skills, and Knowledges. Talents are intuitive abilities that are inherent or that are learned by doing. Skills are abilities learned through rigorous training or determination. Knowledge are things a person knows or understands, and are often related to ‘book-learning.’ There are 10 base abilities for each of the three categories, for a total of 30 base abilities.


Athletics A character’s knack for maneuvering through their environment or participate in sporting events
Awareness A character’s knack for actively seeking and interpreting sensory input
Dodge A character’s knack for avoiding dangerous situations without further endangering themselves
Eloquence A character’s knack for producing fluent or persuasive speaking or writing
Husbandry A character’s knack for relating to and interacting with animals
Intimidation A character’s knack for probing out and exploiting the fears of others
Leadership A character’s knack for managing and organizing groups
Paralinguistics A character’s knack for communicating with and reading the non-verbal aspects of other characters
Subterfuge A character’s knack of misleading, redirecting, or flat out deceiving another character
Unarmed A character’s knack of engaging in combat without the benefit of a weapon


Artisan [Varies] A character’s aptitude with constructing crafts of a physical nature
Career[Varies] A character’s aptitude with applying professional knowledge
Etiquette A character’s aptitude with identifying and replicating societal constructs and behaviors
Instruct A character’s aptitude with directing or educating another a character in a subject or task
Larceny A character’s aptitude with identifying and circumventing security patrols and mechanisms
Melee A character’s aptitude with engaging in combat with a melee weapon
Performance [Varies] A character’s aptitude with producing artistic expressions for an audience
Stealth A character’s aptitude with avoiding the detection of others
Survival A character’s aptitude with interpreting and working within dangerous environments
Targeting A character’s aptitude with manipulating and utilizing ranged weapons


Academia A character’s understanding of reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and educational practices
Economics A character’s understanding of agents, resources, and finances
Engineering A character’s understanding of applied physics, invention, and complex devices
Investigation A character’s understanding of cause & effect, deductive reasoning, and motivations
Law A character’s understanding of systems of rules & governing and how they function
Linguistics1 A character’s understanding of languages in form, meaning, and context
Medicine A character’s understanding of anatomy, physiology, and healing
Occult2 A character’s understanding of the human cults, forbidden lore, and dark secrets
Politics A character’s understanding of achieving and exercising positions of governance over civilizations
Streetwise A character’s understanding of the tacit principles of urban existence

Specializations can be purchased with experience points (or freebie points at character generation). Specializations are narrow aspects of an ability wherein a character has some manner of expertise, such as Revolvers for Targeting, or History for Academia.
When rolling an Attribute check where the character’s specializations applies Dice are successes on a 5-up, opposed to a 6-up. (Blessed character have successes on a 4-up when rolling specializations, Cursed characters have successes on a 6-up when rolling specializations).

1 A character gains additional languages as they invest ranks in Linguistics. Listed below are the total additional languages a character can understand, read, and write at each rank of Linguisitcs.

Two additional Languages
•• Five additional Languages
••• Nine additional Languages
•••• Fourteen additional Languages
••••• Twenty additional Languages

2 Knowledge Occult is a success based skill, as that it is so pervasive and intricate.

Successes Knowledge Example
1 Rudimentary A vampire is a blood-consuming immortal undead creature of the night, renown for strange powers, and super-human physical qualities. They fear fire. Vampires hail from 13 major families known as Clans
2 Specific In addition to the 13 great clans, there are umpteen lesser bloodlines of vampire, each with their own powers and weaknesses. Vampire reproduce through the embrace, and do not turn every one of their victims. There are major forces at play in vampire communities and draconian laws and etiquette rule their world. Major Clan’s weaknesses can be learned with 2 successes. There is an order of vampires known as the “Black Hand” that hunts demons.
3 Clandestine The Black Hand may or may not be a front for a greater conspiracy, using demon hunting as a cover for more intricate plans. Bloodline Weaknesses can be learned with 3 successes.
4 Obscured The Baali are in fact a Saulot Bloodline.There are indeed some vampires that survive beheading as easily as humans survive a haircut.
5 Draconian The potential resting place of an antediluvian. Sound theories on the motivations of Kaine, Longinius, or Lilith. A prince’s true fear. A Tremere’s repertoire. Where to find a tome on Assamite Sorcery. The past life of powerful or infamous vampires such as the Infernals in the last turning of the wheel. The powers and functions of a Yama King’s relic.

It should be noted that any supernatural or even slightly supernatural creature (such as an alchemist) gains at least 1 automatic success in their own supernatural purview (Vampires tend to know the basics of what vampires and ghouls are, while the garou tend to understand what garou and kinfolk are, and so on).—