Saddie the Goat

One of Compere's Entourage.


Sadie Farrell was a famous American criminal, gang leader, and river pirate known under the pseudonym Sadie the Goat. She is claimed to have been a vicious street mugger in New York’s “Bloody” Fourth Ward. Upon encountering a lone traveler, she would headbutt them in the stomach and her male accomplice would hit the victim with a slug-shot and then rob the mark. Sadie, according to popular underworld lore, was engaged in a longtime feud with a Gallus Mag, who finally bit off Sadie’s ear in a bar fight, as Mag was known to do, albeit usually with male troublemakers. After several years, Saddie had to make a truce with Gallus Mag, who returned Sadie’s ear at the time. Mag had displayed it in a pickled jar in the bar. Sadie kept the ear in a locket and wore it around her neck for the rest of her life and unlife.
In her time since becoming a vampire, it seems she has managed to grow literal goat-horns.

Gender/Pronoun: Soft Fem, She/Her.
Orientation: Heterosexual, Heteroromantic


Saddie the Goat