Prince Plantagenet

Ventrue Prince of England


Plantagenet is the Prince of London’s court, a proud member of the Ventrue Clan, and a powerful vampire to boot. Little is known about Prince Plantagenet, but it is a known rumor that there is the smallest knott of flesh on his back that the prince is quite self-consious of. It is also said his Seneschal, Lord Henry Wotton (a powerful Tremere Vampire), has explicit permission to make a public display of their mastery of Lure of Flames upon any mentioning this knot.

Quirks: Speaks overly flowery french to show off.
Quirks: Despises the hump on his back (a small knott now) but will not tolerate any comments on it.
Gender/Pronoun: High Femm Male, He/Him or Xe/Heir.
Orientation: Demiromantic, Asexual


Prince Plantagenet