Madame Fontana

An old Nocker Changeling who steals children to sell in the Goblin Markets


Madame Fontana will come to children within their dreams, and round them up to sell in the Goblin Markets of the Hedge.
She is an exceptionally skilled master of Divination through Cartomancy & Ocular Readings.

Madame Fontana usually gathers up a large batch of children from their dreams, loads them into carts and wagons, and tells them of a marvelous land they are being taken to. Though if a particular child’s eyes have too bright of a fate-shine to them she will not take them. The five doubly-damned childer are of particular interest to her. She will read their fortune if they allow her.

She remembers each of her interactions with the other children, and comments on them if they are particularly striking to the other childer.

When she departs the character’s dreams, the childrens’ laughter and joy seems to have altered only slightly to shrieks and tears.


Madame Fontana