Inspector Frank Froest

Inspector 2nd Class, Ghoul in London's Court


Frank Froest, Inspector 2nd Class, is a known Ghoul, who operates out of Scotland Yard, the metropolitan police service. He is keeping up appearances as dual-spear-heading the Jack murder mysteries; one approach among the mortals, for he believes it to be a mortal’s doing, and one approach among the shadows; though he actively protests that such behavior is decidedly human. But one must keep up appearances. Inspector Froest’s official allegiance is with the Ventrue, as he performs the role of ignorant police officer to and lead or mislead in investigations regarding Ventrue issues.

As a ghoul, he has a humble position in the court serving one of the courtiers associated with human affairs. He directly works for Dumiette Adem, the Prince’s Whip.

Quirks: Always adjusting clothing to be pristine.
Quirks: Desperate to be promoted to vampire
Gender/Pronoun: Tough Guy, He/Him.
Orientation: Demiromantic, Homosexual.


Inspector Frank Froest