Hatchworth Prototype II

Prototype Automatonic Bloke


The Hatchworth Model that has been proposed by Walter Robotics will be constructed largely out of Iron and Bronze, but this mock-up is made of tin, and has been “commissioned” by Scotland Yard, largely to test the idea of Walter Robotics “Automatonic Blokes” as Militant replacements. Unfortunately, the Hatchworth Prototype II is prone to rusting in London’s thick fog, and seems overly interested in persuing after folks with facial hair to discuss tea-time snacks and small furry mammals than actually keeping any peace. There is also the issue of the citizens comfort.

Due to potential legal action from TEU, the precise location of Walter Robotics will not be released by Scotland Yard.

Quirks: Forgets to respond to some questions.
Quirks: Has a hatch.
Quirks: Likes small mammals.
Gender/Pronoun: Exploring masculinity, Any.
Orientation: Does not understand feelings or sex.


Hatchworth Prototype II