A daywalker Inconnu in the South Downs


A mysterious vampiric woman who purports to be a member of the Iconnu and exempt from various vampire games. Such claims are dubious at best, but her sign seems to bear weight with Prince Plantagenet.

She lives in the South Downs of england, where she tends a small flock of cattle, and trades secrets through the assistance of her companion, Adam. Through watching the stars and reading the tides , the the winds of fortune have brought the words from on high, another Gehenna soon draws nigh. She fears the next great proginator to awaken will be the Father of War, Saulot
This should be impossible, as that Saulot is dead, dead, dead. Deader than dust. Destroyed in the infamous Tremere take over

Interestingly, out behind her farm there is a small alter to her long dead lover, with an ancient pendant and well rusted over sai.

Quirks: Refuses to drink kine’s blood, insisting on a mixture of milk and cow’s blood.
Quirks: Failed Golconda.
Gender/Pronoun: Earthy Butch Witch (Trans Fem), She/Her.
Orientation: Panromantic, Demisexual.