A Master of Ceremonies


Compere is a relatively high generation vampire who has earned a lot of respect and a lot of ire for very similar reasons. Where Compere lacks in power he makes up for it in observation and friends. The happy-go-lucky vampire might not be able to spot out a sneaking Nosferatu on a rainy night, but he could call a Lasombra’s bluff at a hand of poker.
That said, Compere only cares about one thing; games.

His favorite tittle, from among his numerous contacts, is “Game Master.” To many vampires he is the harbinger of excitement and fun. From his mischievous “games” he has won the admiration of many Barons among the Anarchs and Princes among the Camarilla. There is rumor he is even appreciated among some of the lesser Sabbat leaders. However, for every leader that enjoys his antics, there is another equally powerful leader who would see his head on a pike to watch the morning rise.

Compere is best known for a game he has had organized for the last 50 years he calls Solaris Stakes. It is a game of execution, but offers a glint of hope of redemption. Many princes and nobles love this game for its nostalgic throw back to Roman Arena and the old Camarilla tradition of Uzdailjam, and others enjoy its intense and grappling nature. Some find entertainment in making wagers with others of similar estates. There are those who condemn it for its Barbary, but there have always been those who protest the contest of prisoner

Compere has recently been looking into upping his ante and getting involved in more and more risky games.

Quirks: Cannot pass up an interesting bribe or an unpredictable bet.
Quirks: Loves exotic experiences, and will try anything once.
Gender/Pronoun: Androgen Bon vivant, He/Him.
Orientation: Aromatic, Demisexual