Grandma's Large Companion


Adonis, or Adam, appears to be a large scarred man clear of any body hair whatsoever. He towers at 7 feet, and broad of chest, though his movements are uncanny with grace and speed. He speaks little, and seems to be more concerned with assisting Grandma in her current endeavors than enlightening others about his strange existence.
He most often wears a sky-blue robe of his own making, and can occasionally be caught playing a crude flute with no small degree of skill.

Quirks: Quiet, stoic, contemplative.
Quirks: Plays a small blue clay flute when distressed, concerned, or otherwise troubled.
Quirks: Finds small children adorable and values them above all else.
Gender/Pronoun: Hyper Masculine, He/Him.
Orientation: Heteroflexromantic, Asexual